Training modules for senior leaders, governors, and staff

Modern strategies for development of educational system are focused on every member involved in the educational process and every aspect influencing its quality. So far, most strategies were focused solely on improving educational curriculum and schedule of classes. Now, there are many courses and training modules dedicated to increasing quality of teachers’ working methods, governors’ approaches, senior leaders’ roles, even parents and the mere students. The goal is to expand knowledge and train skills of every person participating in children’s education, directly or indirectly, to improve their interaction and communication, to develop modern schooling system that will enhance the development of individual talents and potential and to make the overall education more aligned with community requirements added

Training modules for governors

Since the whole educational system depends on governors, their programs, financing strategies and finally their participation in educational development, these training are in the spotlight of current innovations. This comprehensive training programme provides educational material for governors and their clerks, advice, skill development and workshops focused on management of school boards and educational system. The first phase aims to introduce new governors with their role and duties in the educational system and to create strong links between governor’s office and maintained schools, as well as with other governors covering other regional schools. In the rest of the training module, governors will learn about the administrative system of schools, financial support options, required inspections and gained reports, tour to schools, a wide range of other post23bresponsibilities and impact they can make.

Training modules for school stuff

Similar to previously mentioned, these courses are focused on teaching stuff and everyone else involved with the proper functioning of schools, to increase the quality of their role and jobs. Teachers will undergo workshops to improve their teaching methodology and skills, to learn modern psychological approaches to various situations within the classroom, to handle discipline issues, learn how to stimulate dynamic of classes, interaction among students, to empower development of each pupil’s individual talents and potentials, as well as to learn how to perform education of mentally challenged pupils.

Training modules for senior leaders

Objectives of training modules for senior leaders include learning the difference between leadership and managements, how to establish executive communication among school stuff, to develop critical thinking, conflict management, diversity management, to learn how to recognize and awards employees and many more. All of this should improve current educational system significantly if realized properly agreed