Fun-stuff, School competitions

School competitions are such an excellent event, whether you create competition among pupils and students or you decide to involve the elders, parents and school stuff. School competitions are fun and thrilling way to teach pupils various skills, to train them to work in a team, to fight in a fair manner, to deal with defeat and to carry out the victory in a descent way. It is also a perfect way to stimulate their creativity, organizational skills, negotiation skills and sport’s spirit. Depending on the maturity level of pupils involved in the competition, you got plenty ideas out there you can use to set a competition. Here are just some awesome ideas applicable to primary and middle school.

Cultural and enrichment activities

post1aThe primary goal of these activities is to stimulate creativity and innovative thinking among pupils, to encourage them to express their unique ideas freely, to cope with critic and praise and to bring all types of art closer to them. The most common idea refers to showcase, organized with art and music teachers, where kids express their talents in these fields. Another idea is dedicated to the promotion of reading and writing and literature itself. Organize group reading od favorite books or competition in recitation. Acting and theatre should get their share of attention as well. Divide pupils into several groups, allow them to choose the story or to come up with their screenplay and encourage them to set an improvised theatre play.

Sports competitions

This is probably the most common form of competitions organized within primary and middle schools’ pupils and students. Depending on the organizational and financial capacity of a school, you may choose any sports competition: races, football or basketball tournaments, gymnastics or even dancing. To make it all more fun and challenging, you can face teams of pupils and teams of parents and teachers.post1b

Science-related competitions

These activities are impressive. Set a topic and let the kids show their full creative potential, their knowledge, and innovative ideas. Provide them with all sort of material for construction of various projects and let them go through every phase between raw idea and functional model on their own. Pick the best ideas and most practical solutions at the end of the competition. This is a perfect way to empower the development of future scientists, engineers, constructors, and managers. This is how problem-solvers grow. This is also attractive methods to stimulate pupils to apply their scientific knowledge gained so far during education and to increase their interest in science in future education. Oli from loves this idea and even joked about offering a free science party to the winner!