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School Councils Wales

Get involved


Mediation group at Gnoll Primary SchoolThese informative guides will help you understand what your role and responsibilities are in running a school council, youth forum or other decision making group. All aspects of organising and running a representative group are covered here - from representing others, to becoming an effective group member, to taking on to taking on particular roles and managing money. You don't need to look any further! 

The ‘How 2…’ guides are a series of fact sheets for young people and youth organisations which were developed by the British Youth Council. They explain the steps which young people need to take to develop their group and organise activities.

Opportunities for children and young people to have a say and to get involved in decision-making in Wales include a variety of groups in schools, local youth forums and – at the national level - Funky Dragon, the Children and Young People’s Assembly for Wales.