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School Councils Wales

Having a voice

There should be lots of ways for you to have a voice in your school. One of these is through consultations.

A consultation happens when people want to know your views about a new policy or something that will affect your life. Sometimes consultations ask for your ideas too – for instance, your local council might ask you to suggest what leisure activities you would like in your area.

Taking part in consultations helps to make sure that services are more effective, because they meet your needs, not what adults think you need!

From time to time on this section of the site, you will find Welsh Assembly Government consultations about things you might have an opinion or ideas about. Please respond if you are interested, and ask your friends to do the same.

In your school, adults might ask for your views in several ways – for instance:

  • surveys or questionnaires;
  • focus groups: these are small groups where you can discuss your opinions or ideas informally;
  • workshops;
  • suggestion boxes.

If this is not happening in your school, ask your school council representative to raise this in a meeting.

Remember that – if people ask for your views – you should find out what happens as a result!

You might not get what you want, but people should at least tell you why decisions were made.